Black Community Weekend alt

The Black Community Weekend 2017

will be held from Thursday, August 3th – Sunday, August 6th in Helmarshausen.

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In November 1985 Black Men and Black Women stepped out of their isolation within an all-white society for the first time and called up for a nationally organized meeting in Wiesbaden. This nationwide meeting continues to this day. A lot has changed since the beginning: we went from a few contacts to being an entire network.

The focus of the conference is for Black Persons to work on different topics together; hold discussion forums and to empower individuals in their public and private lives. The Black Community Weekend offers workshops, readings, discussions, open dialogues, information stands, and activities for children with focus on self-empowerment. Our evening program includes movie discussions, performances, readings and parties.

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Participation fees may be paid via PayPal below:

Please note that PayPal payment by non-members will be charged a booking fee of 1 euro.


Participation fees


Since 2012, our participation fees include entry into the program, food and accommodations.

Adults (18 years or older):

Euro 124,00

Adults with ISD membership:

Euro 105,00

Children or Young Adults (between the ages of 12-17):

Euro 82,50

First two children (between the ages of 3-11):

Euro 32,50 each

Additional children:


Infants and Toddlers (ages 0-2 years):


Every year, we enthusiastically encourage community members to become part of the conference. If you are interested in giving a speech, talk, holding a workshop, doing a reading or even have ideas for children or youth activities, please contact us.

Due to the conference being a political event, we rely on participation fees for funding of the conference. Any work for the conference is done on a voluntary basis.

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