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Frequently Asked Questions English

Why is the Black Community Weekend exclusively for Black people?

Safe Space: the ISD is a non-profit organisation and aims to change the German society to the benefit of all.

Most presentations and events organized by us (for example Black History Month, Homestory Deutschland – exhibitions and  general program-, solidarity activities and so on) are open to everybody.

For four days we together create a space, in which we are able to strengthen and empower each other, to feel well and enjoy ourselves! Such spaces enable a different feeling of implicitness and offer room for new perspectives. For many this is the only time a year out of isolation. They are no longer the only Black person in a white environment, and therefore they will not be exoticised or discriminated. At the same time we have to be sensible about our differences and the associated different privileges we own.

Download here the Basic Values and the Code of Conduct. (.pdf)

How many people can come?

In Helmarshausen are about 170 beds. We have more matresses in store, if needed.

If there are more applications than beds: what criteria will resolve the problem?

Sadly not all participants enroll in time. Therefore, the following obtains: First beds will be given to people who enrolled and arrived until 22.00. Everybody else is granted a mattress in a seminar room.

How does the application work?

If you didn’t get an invitation, apply online with the form completed.

Do I have to pay the whole fee, if I’m not arriving before Saturday?

Yes. We have to pay for all beds, meals and rooms from Thursday to Sunday. The fee is, unlike at a commercial activity, a solidary contribution to make the Black Community Weekend happen. This fee covers only the absolute necessities to grant everybody the participation on this solitary self-determined meeting.

Conditions of cancelling: Two weeks before the meeting 50%, directly at the meeting 100% (!) of the fee.

What are the costs for the Black Community Weekend?

We are asked frequently why the Black Community Weekend is as expensive as it is and some are asking, whether they can attend even if  they pay less or nothing at all. To be honest: Almost every time we close with deficit. The ISD covers the costs.

Please don’t hesitate to ask anyway, when you’re in dire need of financial aid.

How is the money spent?*

Hostel (rent and meals): 12.500 Euros

Invitations (postage, copies, …): 460 Euros

Sound system (for party with live music): 190 Euros

Materials for childcare: 120 Euros

Solidary absorption of costs: 400 Euros

Total: 13.670 Euros

*Data may vary.


Therefore: Please apply and pay in time!

Wholeheartedly we thank all community members, who contribute more than the minimal fee, to enable families and individuals with less financial freedom to participate!