130 years after the Congo conference, Black European advocacy groups will gather in Berlin to elaborate a catalogue of demands at the occasion of the European elections 2014.

The Initiative of Black People in Germany (ISD) in collaboration with the European Network against Racism (ENAR) plans a European networking event from February 13th-16th 2014.

Based on a set of demands, compiled by Black representatives from more than 15 European countries, the meeting is set up to create critical policy touchstones for the European elections 2014. These are meant to facilitate the development of a collective strategy against anti-Black racism in Europe.

The event is also going to establish sustainable links and networks between interest groups in order to further mutual empowerment and access to policy tools. By doing so participants are enabled to compile palpable measures for an improvement of the situation of People of African Descent in Europe. The event is also designed to enhance the visibility of racism related issues in Europe and promote a sustainable fight against anti-Black racism.

130 years ago, European colonial powers gathered in Berlin, in order to decide about the colonization of the African continent. The networking event does not only aim to confront the past, but seeks to create new narratives while raising awareness about the perpetuation of colonial structures.

ISD plans two networking events during the long weekend in order to facilitate and promote the exchange between Black as well as anti-racist organizations. Friday, February 14th, 2014 the delegation will be attending the Vernissage at August-Bebel-Institute for the opening of the exhibition Daima. The exhibition is a collection of selected black and white photographic portraits of inspiring Black women who live and work in Germany. Sunday the group will be brunching at one of Berlin’s Black Community hotspots, Werkstatt der Kulturen, where different anti-racist organisations, cultural groups as well as initiatives will come together. The brunch will start at 10:00h and cost 10 Euros and is open to both organisations and members of the public who have an interest in the topics mentioned above.