Apartheid is over? „Whites only“ in Kreuzberg

The Initiative Black People in Germany in alliance with Rroma and People of Color are very disgusted by the latest racist happening in a bar in the Wrangel Kiez in the heart of the so called „tolerant-open minded“ Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Pure and simple racism takes place in a bar called „Liesert’s Falckensteiner“. The owner expressed in a newspaper interview (1) that ALL BLACK people are strictly forbidden to enter his bar. The reason for that, he says, is that THEY are using and selling drugs. While of course we are not foolishly believing (-only-!) a Police reporter statement (Claudia Wilms), the owner repeated the same racist words and exclusion (which definitely shows his racist prejudice towards Black people) to a brave Black women who went into the bar to confront him with his public statements. (2) For sure he still claims that he is not racist, but has to unfortunately exclude Black people since they are selling the drugs, (while we believe he especially means Black males*).
Until now no one has publically taken a stand, it takes the Black/Rroma/ and PoC community to organize a manifestation and to publicly fight against racist prejudice. Now that the owner fears action against his policy and already faces a charges under the German hate speech law, he hung up a sign in the window where he claims that everyone regardless of their nationality and „color of their skin“ is welcome, only drug dealers are forbidden. We don’t buy into this. We want to make a stand against white oppression and against re-institution of apartheid. That is why we invite you to support us at the 30.03.2014 at 5 pm at Falckensteinstr. 26 (3)
Be loud, be visible and fight Racism and Apartheid!