In solidarity with the refugees who are fighting against the eviction of the school in Berlin & against the silencing of the protest of their realities

Organisations of People of African Descent and Black Europeans as well as Human Rights Organisations stand in solidarity with the Refugees at the Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Schule in Berlin, Kreuzberg protesting against the eviction of the school and highlighting the European Refugee Struggle that leaves Black people especially vulnerable to the violence of the system.

Berlin, 28. June 2014 – Since the morning of June 24th, 2014 the police is evicting the former Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Schule, which has been occupied nearly two years by the refugee protest.

The eviction of the school was planned during the afternoon. The police arrived in the morning around 10 am, closing off the streets, making sure that supporters cannot get through. 900 policemen and women were present, most of them coming from other Federal states in Germany. While the people living in the school where escorted to buses to take them to shelters in Berlin. The refugees were not really informed, many of the people living in the school were unprepared for what will follow next and where they will go. Most do not know what kind of legal procedure will follow. A group of the refugees and supporters have occupied the roof of the school. They are stating that they are willing to either burn themselves alive or jump from the rooftop if the police continues to evict the school. A detailed press release from the Freedom March to Brussels can be found here.

We urge the politicians in the member states of the European Union, the European Commission as well as the European Parliament to adhere their own Council Directive 2003/9/EC Article 13: “2. Member States shall make provisions on material reception conditions to ensure a standard of living adequate for the health of applicants and capable of ensuring their subsistence. Member States shall ensure that that standard of living is met in the specific situation of persons who have special needs, in accordance with Article 17, as well as in relation to the situation of persons who are in detention.”

The situation in Germany stands not isolated but is an expression of the protests as well as silenced protests in other countries of the European Union.

Signing Parties:

  • Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD) – Germany
  • Fight Racism Now – Sweden
  • Nordic African Women – Sweden
  • Cambridgeshire Human Rights and Equality Support Service (CHESS) – UK
  • New Urban Collective – Netherlands
  • Ebony African Cultural, Arts and Human Rights Organisation Hungary