SEARCH FOR BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT DONOR – a sister in Germany suffering from leucaemia

Dear Community,
First of all greetings from Germany!!

Please note – according to data protection your email address will not be visible for other recipients.



preferably – but not exclusively of IBO/NIGERIAN – European descent.

On Monday the 4th of Feb. 2019 I have been contacted  concerning the matter of a sister in Germany, who is suffering 
from leucaemia (see face-book link below).

She is desperately looking for a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT DONOR

preferably – as  she has been told – but of course not exclusively of 

IBO/Nigerian – European descent.

Accordingly it might make sense, to connect with platforms in Germany, the UK and the USA.

The effort for the donor is minimal. 
Everything can be accomplished at home online: register with the international based  DKMS (Deutsche Knochmarksspenderdatei)

For potential donors:

1. You  could be registered according to your country of residence



For other countries – call the hematology department of your next university clinic. 
They will provide you with an appropriate  link.

2. You will receive s small sponge to collect oral salvia (conventional mail).

3. Just mail back  the sponge back to DKMS.

– Please add the information, that you would appreciate  to receive a written 

report of the result.

4. Only after you have received the report: you might take a scan with your mobile phone and transfer the readablescan to the patient´s (facebook link below)
Astrid´s (patient´s) Facebook link

– please contact her only after you have received your report (4. above)


Please forward the mail to all groups and individuals you are in  touch with – that would be just GREAT!!

Your effort of a few minutes can help to save a sister´s LIFE 

– tomorrow it could be your life or the life of a family member….

JUST OPEN THE DKMS Link right now and get registered…in less than 90 seconds.

All the best with warm greetings from Dresden – Germany.

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