Stoppt Racial Profiling!

Petitionsausschuß des Deutschen Bundestages in Deutschland
Das Urteil des Koblenzer Verwaltungsgerichts vom 28. Februar widerspricht dem Grundgesetz!
Nicht nur wird damit zum ersten Mal eingestanden, dass die Praxis des „Racial-Profiling“ in Deutschland von Polizeibeamten angewandt wird, dieses Vorgehen erhält durch das Urteil auch noch eine Legitimation.
Wir, die Erstunterzeichner_innen, verurteilen die Entscheidung des Gerichts auf das Schärfste und fordern:
• Die Revision des Urteils vom 28. Februar 2012 zu „Racial Profiling“
• Die Einführung eines verpflichtenden Anti-Rassismus Trainings, das sich tatsächlich mit Rassismus und nicht nur mit euphemistischen Begrifflichkeiten wie Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Ausländerfeindlichkeit befasst, für ALLE Polizist_innen und Polizeischüler_innen
• Eine Meldepflicht aller Rassismus Vorwürfe gegenüber der Poizei, die von einer unabhängigen, von geschultem Fachpersonal besetzten Stelle geprüft und archiviert werden
• Die Überarbeitung des AGG anhand der europäischen Antirassismus Richtlinien, da dieses derzeit zu viele Ausnahmereglungen beinhaltet und daher in vielen Diskriminierungsfällen nicht greift
Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus e.V.
ADEFRA e.V. – Schwarze Frauen in Deutschland
ISD – Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland
zur Online Petition:

To the petition panel of the German Bundestag

Stop racial profiling!

The  verdict pronounced by the administrative court in Koblenz on February 28 is against the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany!

For the first time it was now admitted that the German Federal police are using racial profiling as a means of identifying possible “illegal” immigrants. And the decision that was handed down officially sanctions this practice.

We, the initiators of this petition, condemn the court’s decision and demand:

  that the court revises its verdict regarding racial profiling (Feb. 28 2012)

  the implementation of an obligatory sensibility/ anti-racism training for the ENTIRE police force; this training ought to go beyond euphemistic terms such as “xenophobia”

  that the police is obliged to record all charges of racism made against  them, to then have the charges verified and archived by trained experts in an external independent authority

  the revision of the AGG (General Act on Equal Treatment), as it presently contains too many loopholes and therefore does not apply in many cases of discrimination

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Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus e.V. – Pan-Africanism Working Group

ADEFRA e.V. – Black Women in Germany

ISD – Initiative of Black People in Germany

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A man travelled by train (Kassel – Frankfurt am Main) and was singled out by Federal police officers because of his complexion.  He was urged/compelled to prove his identity. Based on his previous experience with racial profiling the man refused to show his identification and was taken off the train to the police station.

Federal police then accused the man of defamation. During the trail the police officers  admitted that they had chosen to check his ID solely based on the fact that he is Black, thinking he must have entered Germany sans papiers.??? 

The man then filed a lawsuit against the discriminatory practice, but was dismissed.

Thus, with the dismissal of the lawsuit against the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal police, the administrative court in Koblenz has made all Black people and PoC general suspects (whether they are German citizens or not).

This creates a discriminatory situation for a large portion of people living in Germany. With every identity check people “with foreign looks[ ” [sic.] are reminded that they are considered a strange presence  and hence potential  criminals.

From now on Federal police have a legal basis which they can use to justify their racist methods and thought patterns.

Furthermore, the court’s decision highly contributes to the perpetuation of the outdated stereotype that  Germans are a homogenous group. The systematic criminalization of people based of their phenotypical features has a long tradition in Germany one has to be aware of. This fact alone should be enough of a warning.

Moreover, international and European committees such as the UN human rights committee, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Agency for Fundamental Rights have unequivocally ascertained that identity checks based solely on criteria like the ascribed ‘ethnic’ origin or ‘skin color’ of a person defy the legal prohibition of racist discrimination.

 The verdict specifically defies:

  article 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany

  the entire General Act on Equal Treatment

   article 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 28 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights